10/01/2013 - We'd like to welcome our new drummer Allen Lind! We're happy to have him and have already begun working on new material along with getting him up to speed on the existing stuff. Check out Allen's website for more about him.

09/18/2013 - We're auditioning drummers while continuing to write for our next album.

Harvest Aorta



"This is one of the most pleasing bodies of art rock to pass this way for a long time, and will doubtlessly feature on a majority of the "Best-of-2010" lists. And it just might require a crow bar to get it out of the CD player." Sea of Tranquility

"Harvest Aorta is a complete success..." Cangamers.com

"Ephemeral Sun should be applauded for this ambitious venture..." Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"Epic Is One Word, Showing Off Is Two." Don't Count On It

"Once I put the album on I knew I had found a band that really knows how to create some atmosphere with their music..." Metal Reviews